Keeping the Shore on the move since 2017

Browns Bay Tyres is the place where you know the owner.

Browns Bay Tyres is the place where you know the owner.  That’s me, Sharad.  You’ll find me on the shop floor.  I’ll be talking to someone about their vehicle or working on one. Of course, I have some help as I can’t do everything.  So my trusted right hand man David (better known as Mooks) is here too.  

Together, we’ve been serving the local community since 2017.  The business was here before that though.  We kept everything that worked and then added a few improvements.  But at its core, this is a simple business.  We have great products.  We do a great job.  Nothing is ever a problem and we always do what we say.  

And if we ever don’t live up to those expectations, then you can tell the owner.  You’ll know exactly where he’ll be. 

Why Choose Browns Bay Tyres

We’re Trusted

This is a local business.  We work, live and play in the local community.  We’ve made a lot of friends over the years and people trust us.

We’re Known

That person you’re speaking to on the shop floor?  That’s me.  I’m Sharad and it’ll either be me or Mooks serving you.  Brown Bay Tyres is the place where you know the owner.

We’re Honest

Our business has grown by word of mouth and customers drive to us from as far away as Auckland.  It’s because we’re honest and do a good job.  It’s a simple recipe that works for us.  And for you. 

We’re On Time

It’s part of being honest and trusted.  When we say a job will be done by a certain time, that’s exactly what happens

Come in and talk tyres, wheels, brakes or suspension.

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