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We’re part of NZs largest network of Steering and Suspension experts. 

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Our Preferred Brands

Continental Tyres
Masters of Driving Technology

The German masters of mobility have a proud 150-Year heritage.  Their tyres have featured on some of the most groundbreaking supercars to hit the roads since the 60’s and almost every third vehicle made in Europe rolls out the factory with their tyres fitted.  Favoured by worldwide experts and by us, they’ll optimise your vehicle performance and driving pleasure.   

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Maxxis Tyres
Always up for the Challenge

The legends of New Zealand 4x4.  Maxxis have forged a reputation for delivering tyres that work no matter what you throw at them.  They’ve been tested in the paddocks, the back blocks, the muddy swamps and on our own vehicles.  Every set comes infused with adventure and a sense they’ll take you anywhere.  Because they will. 

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These are the Tyre Brands We Trust to Perform

Each one of them has been carefully chosen. No brand makes it into our shop unless we know they’re good enough for our friends.

And the Steelies & Alloys Wheels we Love

Show your style with our range of preferred brands.

Browns Bay Tyres is the place where you know the owner. 

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Why choose Browns Bay Tyres?

We're Trusted.

This is a local business.  We work, live and play in the local community.  We’ve made a lot of friends over the years and people trust us.

We’re Known.

That person you’re speaking to on the shop floor?  That’s me.  I’m Sharad and it’ll either be me or a friendly staff serving you.  Brown Bay Tyres is the place where you know the owner.

We’re Honest.

Our business has grown by word of mouth and customers drive to us from all over.  It’s because we’re honest and do a good job.  It’s a simple recipe that works for us.  And for you. 

We’re On Time.

It’s part of being honest and trusted.  When we say a job will be done by a certain time, that’s exactly what happens. 

Call in and experience our service for yourself, instore.

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