Maxxis Tyres I Available at Browns Bay Tyres

Trusted by Generations of Kiwis. 
And by Us. 

Over the years we must have tried and tested every tyre Maxxis has produced.  We’ve tried and tried to batter them and to break them.  Only we can’t.  There’s a reason they’re afforded legendary status by farmers and 4x4 drivers like.  Maxxis have a long history in and out of the paddocks (they do road tyres too) and we’ve come to realise it’s because they work.  They work on your Hilux, Ranger or D-Max.  They work in mud, over rocks and on the road.  They’ve worked on a huge number of loyal customers' vehicles and they’ve worked on ours.

Our most popular Maxxis tyres are from the Razr family. We’ve put the Razr MT through enough mud holes to swallow a small navy and they’ve always made it through.  Yet on the road they grip and are quiet enough for a baby to fall asleep.  It’s an insane tyre.

The Razr AT isn’t normal either.  It’s probably the toughest looking All Terrain we’ve ever seen and it backs up those looks where it matters too.  Off-road, it’s better than a number of mud tyres we can think of.  Yet off road, it’s refined and assured.  If you want the best of both worlds, this is the tyre for you!

Maxxis tyres have been tested around the world in the harshest environments possible

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