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We keep the Shore on the move.  Stocking the products we know and use ourselves, we offer a wide range of services to fit them, fix them and whatever they’re connected to.  We raise 4x4s up, lower cars down, add the tyre and mag bling and remove the sting from unnecessary work.  When you come to us for a wheel alignment, a tyre rotation, a brake repair or anything to do with shocks and suspension, it’s delivered on time and with an honest price.  That’s why our customers keep on coming back. 

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The rubber you put on your 4x4 or car is what connects you to the road or track.  It’s the single most important part of the setup to make sure you keep going, keep safe and keep on the road.  We carry a wide range of tyres from the likes of Maxxis and Continental.  From years of using them ourselves, we know they deliver.  That’s how we know they’ll deliver for you.

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Steelies and mags.  We got them in stock and ready to roll.  If we don’t, then we can get them for you.  The biggest problem will be choosing exactly which set you want as there’s a dizzying array of choices from the brands we know and trust. 

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Tyre & Wheel Services

They say ‘look after your tyres and they’ll look after you’.  They’re right.  If you need your tyres repaired, rotated,  your wheels balanced or anything else, we can help.  Our services make sure your tyres perform better and will keep on rolling.  With our help, it will be a long time before you have to come shopping with us for tyres again.  And that’s a good thing!

Tyre & Wheel Services

Lift Kits

We’re well known for installing lift kits to old mud munchers and newer marquee models.  You might want a lift kit because you plan on pushing your 4x4 to the limits of its ability, or you might want one because there’s something about a lifted 4x4 that looks pretty boss.  Either way, we’ve got something for you and your budget. 

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If they’re squealing then they’re trying to tell you something.  Even if they just feel ‘not quite right’ -  it’s worth getting your brakes checked. Bring your vehicle in and we’ll make sure everything is working as it should. 

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Getting a handle on great handling is easy.  We’re tuned in the ways of suspension and will have everything just right so you’re not rolling and bouncing on every trip.  Bring your vehicle in and we can work out what’s right, what’s wrong and what’s needed.  

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NZ Shock Shop

It’s good to have friends.  We’re looped in with the NZ Shock Shop and that doesn’t just give us access to the best technology and the best brands, iIt means we often get the very best prices too.  We’re the local business where you know the owner…but we’re part of a bigger network and know some people too.  So if we don’t have that part - we know some people who might and can get it for you.  

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Vehicle Services & Maintenance

Every vehicle needs some regular maintenance.  What it doesn’t need is a number of unnecessary checks that add to the bill but not your vehicle’s health.  So we don’t do that.  We do what’s necessary, nothing more and nothing less.  

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These are the companies that stand by their products. We've chosen them because we know they consistently deliver high-quality products that we're confident to stand behind.

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