We’ll Give You a Lift!*

Overcome Anything With the Right Lift

*Well…not ‘give’.  But we can sell and install a lift kit for you.  Not just any kit either.  We have something perfect for your 4x4, even if it’s a little on the older side and you don’t want to spend a fortune on it.  After all, every 4x4 deserves a lift. 

We Can Lift Pretty Much Any 4x4. 

Just a few extra inches is often enough to make all the difference if you plan on using your 4x4 to its full potential.  The extra ground clearance means you can tackle steeper inclines and ride over rougher terrain.  But the most exciting part of getting your 4x4 lifted is… getting bigger tyres.  Which means you can tackle even more insane terrain.  

We’ve put lift kits on everything from new Ford Rangers to old Hilux Surfs.  You don’t need to spend a fortune and we have options from the best brands for all budgets.  

We can lift your; Ranger, Colorado, D-Max, Hilux, Triton, BT-50, Navara, Prado, Amarok & more. 

All you need to know about Lift Kits


What is a lift kit?

It’s an aftermarket modification to your 4x4 that ‘lifts’ the suspension, giving you a higher ride height.  You need one if you’re thinking of doing some serious off-roading.  They look cool too.  

Why do I need one?

A lift kit allows you to fit bigger tyres and provides greater ground clearance.  This means you can tackle more difficult 4x4 tracks, with steeper climbs and deeper mud bogs.  

How high can I go?

That’s up to you. But keep in mind you can lift your vehicle by up to 50mm without having the modification certified through the LVVTA (Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association Incorporated).  Anything above 50mm and there’s a few more checks to run through before your 4x4 is road legal. 

How does a lift kit affect driving?

Bigger tyres and a raised centre of gravity can make your ride louder and roll around corners a little more.  Also, more extreme mud tyres can have less traction on the highway in the wet.  There’s always a trade-off and that’s why tyre choice is so important.  We can help you with that.  

Lifts for big wheels and tyres.  Call in and see what's possible.

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