What's needed and necessary. Nothing more.

We only do the work that’s needed.  It’s an honest way of doing things.

You won’t find a menu of service levels that talk about 126 visual checks and up to 2litres of oil included.  We don’t do that.  We do what’s needed, so if you need an oil change then we do it.  If you need new spark plugs then you get new spark plugs.  It’s a refreshingly honest way of doing things.  It’s the Browns Bay Tyres way of doing things. 

Our Services

General Servicing


Come and see us for your scheduled service.  We won’t do anything that’s unnecessary and try to sell you up to all sorts of checks and changes.    We only do what’s needed to keep your vehicle in tip top condition and that may sound a little strange but it’s how we do it.  And it’s why people keep coming back to us. 

Oil Changes & Oil Filters

It’s the simple stuff that keeps everything ticking.  A regular oil and filter change is often enough to keep your vehicle running smoothly.  Oil prevents friction and your engine overheating, and clean oil stops dirt and sludge damaging the engine.  It’s a good thing. 

Spark Plugs & Other Parts

Things wear and need replacing.  We can help with the little things and only ever replace what’s needed to keep your vehicle running and you safe.  Bring your vehicle in, we’ll give it a once over, give you a price and give you a time to get the work done.

General Services & Maintenance FAQ

  • Why don’t you have ‘standard service’ options?

    The reason is simple.  We only ever do what’s necessary or what you want.  We’re not interested in charging for unnecessary checks that sound great but aren’t needed.  It’s why clients come back and it’s why they become our friends.  

  • What can’t you do?

    There’s a few things we don’t do.  We know what we’re good at and we stick to it.  So if your vehicle needs something that’s beyond our expertise then we’ll tell you.  Big mechanical repairs are not for us and we stick to what we’re good at.  

  • How often does my vehicle need serving?

    As a general rule, every 12 months or 10,000kms.  That’s for the basic service but as a vehicle ages and the KM’s climb - certain parts need replacing or looking at.  Like the seals on a 4x4 and the timing belt.  Your vehicle handbook will tell you what’s needed and when.  Or speak to us and we’ll tell you.  

  • Can I service my own car?

    Sure - if you know what you’re doing.  A lot of older vehicles just need some know-how but newer models have a few bells and whistles.  They need some specialist equipment and keeping up with the technology is a full time job.  It’s our job. 

Car worries?  Come on in and we'll check it out.

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