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The Right Wheels make all the Difference

When it comes to finishing off the looks for your ride then we got you covered.  There’s something for everyone, with alloys and steelies in all sizes.  Indeed, the biggest problem you’ll have is deciding which set you really want. 

Brands We Trust

Diesel Wheels

Make a statement wherever you go.  Known for blending old school product quality with tomorrow’s design trends, Diesel Wheels will have you rolling up to any destination in style.  We have a range for utes and highway going 4x4’s from 16” to 20”, with a wide variety of stud patterns and offsets.  Match them to a bit of top quality rubber for a perfect visual pairing that’ll turn heads.

TMX Wheels

No-nonsense steelies that do what you want them to.  That’s why we like TMX.  They come in 15” and 16” with 0 or -20 offsets.   They come fully loaded… so you can be fully loaded, ready for some heavy lifting and the big jobs.  Like we said, they’re no-nonsense and that means you put them on, they work and you forget about them.  We think they look pretty good too so you might stare at them every now and then. 


King Wheels

We’re big fans of these Aussie battlers.  They come with a good reputation from across the pond and it’s easy to see why.  They come with enough rugged toughness to satisfy bush bashers who need something that’ll take a few knocks without flinching.  If you get your 4x4 into situations that give you a little scare, then these wheels are for you. 

Wheel FAQs

  • Are alloy or steel wheels best for a 4x4?

    It depends on what you want to do with your 4x4. If you rarely go off-road or only ever take a few easy tracks, then an alloy wheel will be fine.  But if you’re planning on doing something more extreme then steelies have the advantage.  They’ll take a good beating and can often be repaired with a hammer if you have a problem in the middle of nowhere.

  • What are the advantages of alloy wheels?

    Alloy wheels are stylish, lightweight and perfect for lowered and high performance cars.  There’s a virtually unlimited range of styles, available in different finishes, so you can really individualise your ride.  A low profile tyre and alloy wheel combo is pure fire.

  • What are the advantages of steel wheels?

    Steelies are the workhorses of the wheel world.  No-nonsense toughies that are durable and can even be repaired with a hammer.  They’re best suited to 4x4s and SUVs that need a wheel for a bit of off-road action and heavy duty applications.

  • Which wheels fit my ride?

    The easiest way to check is to look at the vehicle placard or to check online.  But don’t worry about it too much.  You can just let us know the Make/Model/Year of your vehicle and we’ll let you know what’ll fit.

  • Can I fit bigger wheels to my vehicle?

    You can.  But it’s all about the geometry and can be pretty complex.  The easiest way to check your options is to make contact with us and we’ll let you know what you can do without having to get your vehicle certified, and what is possible with certification.

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