Mud-slingers, road huggers and everything in between. We’ve got them all.

The Best Tyres are fitted to our own Vehicles

That’s how you know our recommendations are properly qualified.  We don’t just recite the sales spiel from a tyre manufacturer's brochure.  We know tyres because we test them ourselves.

For those that don’t make it on our vehicles, we do some independent research.  We learn everything there is to know, not just the info we get provided with the tyres.  Then we give you our honest, independent advice on what’s best for your vehicle.  

Our Range

Mud Tyres

The right mud tyres are the difference between an off-road adventure and misadventure.  We’ve got the best of the best - the mud tyres that'll turn your ride into a fun-seeking explorer that can’t be stopped.

All Terrain Tyres

We have tyres that can roll along the road in quiet comfort and then go wade through mud.  Tyres that can do the school run and the river run.  They unleash the freedom of your 4x4…but they also tame it. 

SUV Tyres


The new breed of SUVs need a new breed of tyre, and for every SUV there is a perfectly matched tyre.  We know what they are and we’ll match the perfect tyre to your SUV that will unleash its full potential.

Performance Tyres

Every car deserves performance tyres.  We’ve assembled a line-up that will increase traction, improve braking and transform the way your car performs.  They’ll change your ride and make being behind the wheel a real pleasure.  

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All you need to know about Tyres

  • What size tyres should I get for my vehicle?

    Your vehicle placard will tell what tyre size the manufacturer recommends.  Choosing a different size tyres may require other vehicle modifications for it to be safe and road legal.  Contact us and we’ll explain the options.

  • What should my tyre pressure be?

    The vehicle tyre placard will show the minimum recommended inflation pressures, both for everyday use and under heavy load.  If in doubt, contact us and we’ll help.

  • What is rolling resistance in a tyre?

    When a tyre is considered to have a low rolling resistance, it means less energy is required to make it move.  Which really means less fuel is needed.  When gas prices are high, tyres with low rolling resistance can offer some real advantages at the pump.

  • What’s the difference between premium tyres and budget tyres?

    Quality.  You really do get what you pay for.  We always look at it this way - a premium set might cost a few hundred more, but those extra dollars will reward you with increased safety, enhance the performance of your vehicle and probably last longer too.  Safety is priceless.  If you’ve spent tens of thousands on a vehicle, you want to get your dollars worth or performance.  And premium tyres that last longer often have a lower total cost of ownership.

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