Continental Tyres I Available at Browns Bay Tyres

These are the tyres found in the world’s Quickest and Best… and Ours.

The World’s fastest and best cars arrive with Continental tyres fitted.  Our own cars are neither of those things sadly.  But they do have Continental tyres fitted!  They win all the tests and are probably the brand most recommended by tyre experts but can they perform on the mean streets of the Shore?  Yes, they really can. 

The grip, handling and assured performance are all delivered with an overwhelming sense of safety.  So they’ve passed the test with the experts and us.  Also our customers - when we fit Continental tyres the customer is always happy and that’s the ultimate test!

If we had to choose a favourite?  Pick anything from the Conti 5 Series.  The range includes sizes and options performance vehicles, sporty sedans, hot hatches and stately SUVs. 

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